motorblade postering service

The affable Fritz Blaw is the man behind the moniker, speedily hanging culture in the form of gig flyers, public service posters, and theatre handbills, magazines and all things paper along a legal route (over 200 locations) all across town. Quite the boon to bands, bards, and businesses. Save gas, save time and have your outdated flyers recycled by motorblade so you don't have to!


BASIC: 60¢ per 8.5"x11" - $1.10 per 11"x17" or 12"x18" (85¢ per 8.5"x14")

FIRST WEEK: three possible choices
150 @ 8.5x11's $90
75 @ 12x18's $82.50
75 @ 8.5"x11" + 75 @ 12"x18" $127.50
ADDITIONAL WEEKS: add on this amount for each weeks choice
100 @ 8.5x11's $60
50 @ up to 12x18's $55
50 @ 8.5"x11" + 50 @ 11"x17" $85

$10 per week discount available if the Motorblade logo is placed on the edge of the flyer

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  • Benefits can apply for Pro-Bono or Pay-What-You-Can status. Call Fritz for details.
  • One week / 150 pieces = 3/4 of locations
  • Two weeks / 250 pieces total = whole route
  • Two week minimum on non-dated/ongoing pieces
  • $25 minimum on all contracts


Oversize Fees
Items over 11x17 will be charged an oversize fee and have more limited distribution numbers:
(50 pieces 1st week, 25 pieces for additional weeks)
200-299 sq inches: add $30/wk
300-399 sq inches: add $55/wk
400-499 sq inches: add $80/wk
500-600 sq inches: add $110/wk
Multicopy fee
$15 per 250 for items smaller than 8.5x11 for leaving in stacks.
1,000 per week maximum

Special Offers

• Bands may trade 2 new Band CD's and/or 2 Band T-shirts for a week of posting on a multi-week run.

• Theatre/Dance Groups may trade a business card sized ad in their program, for one week of flyering of on a multi-week run.

• Benefits may apply for Pro Bono one week postering in exchange for my logo on flyer and/or a web link.



Add 3-7 days lead time to any contract for best effect.

If I am contracted for a one week run , its best for me to receive them 10-14 days before target date.

If i am running posters for 2 weeks then receiving them 17-21 days before target date is recommended.

They start going out the day AFTER you drop them off, to 20 locations a day in the first week… thats 10 11x17's and 10@ 8.5x11's or 20@ 8.5 x11's every day for the first seven days. In a second week some of last weeks locations are checked and about 14 new spots each day (7@ 11x17's and 7@ 8.5x11's or 14 8.5x11's)


RATE CONFUSED? Try this version:

Costs & Items Needed:

8.5 x 11 (or smaller) Only
1 Week Program: $90 150 pieces distributed (dated events only)
2 Week Program: $150 250 pieces distributed
3 Week Program: $210 350 pieces distributed
UP to 12 x 18 Only
1 Week Program: $82.50 75 pieces distributed (dated events only)
2 Week Program: $137.50 125 pieces distributed
3 Week Program: $192.50 175 pieces distributed
8.5 x 11 (or smaller) and up to 12 x 18* Combo Program
1 Week Program: $127.50 150 total pieces distributed (dated events only) 75 8.5 x 11 and 75 pieces 12 x 18
2 Week Program: $212.50 250 total pieces distributed 125 8.5 x 11 and 125 pieces 12 x 18
3 Week Program: $255 350 total pieces distributed 150 8.5 x 11 and 150 pieces 12 x 18


Where does Motorblade post flyers?

MPS has a policy to not disclose a location list. However you may ask about a specific location to find out whether it is included on the list. All of the locations are legal and approved by owners. In general the route extends to Southpark Meadows Amy's(south), South Oat Willies(south east), Ground Floor Theater (east), Planet K@ Rundberg (northeast), Rudy's BBQ in Round Rock (north), Lakeway Amy's (west) and Juiceland Pecan Springs (northwest). The list include cafes, coffee shops, clothes and specialty shops, record and music stores and the University areas as well as some hotels/motels, lube/car shops, salons and student locations and the Austin Visitors Center. Delivery includes placement in the "Austin Directory of Events", an 8+1/2"x11" loose leaf binder found in over 75 locations around town.


How does Motorblade post flyers?

Delivery is made by Honda hybrid vehicle and occasionally by regular gas vehicle when stringers are hired or my Civic Hybrid is in for maintenance. I have not skated the route for about 10 years, but I did skate the posters full time from 1989 till 1999. When I turned 40 and had three kids at home and taught inline skate classes 10-20 hours a week , skating the poster route became unmanageable. I do miss those skating days. You can still see me skate at the TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls Banked Track Roller Derby Bouts where i appear as my alter ego "The Masterblader" psychedelic mascot of the TXRD. I might just throw you some swag.


How do I pay and where do I drop by my flyers for Motorblade to deliver?

MPS is located at 1300 Ridgehaven Drive, Austin Texas 78723. We have a drop box in front which can be accessed 24/7. If you have any questions or comments, call Fritz 512.554.4034 between 9:00 a.m. til 9:00 p.m. or E-mail

Remember to include a packing list (# of items, phone number, quoted price). If you need a receipt/invoice include email, fax number or s.a.s.e.

View/download packing list

Checks or money orders or cash in an envelope are made out to "Motorblade" and left in drop box with flyers/poster.

You may also make credit card payments through paypal to and inform Fritz by email of the payment.

  • Benefits can apply for Pro-Bono or Pay-What-You-Can status. Call Fritz for details.
  • One week / 150 pieces = 3/5 of locations
  • Two weeks / 250 pieces total = whole route
  • Two week minimum on non-dated/ongoing pieces
  • $25 minimum on all contracts


Do you offer any discounts or special rates?

Read this website thoroughly and then call Fritz for info on discounts (512)554-4034 if you still have questions.


Who are your past clients?

Clients have included over the years: SXSW Music Fest, Poi Dog Pondering, The Oak Ridge Boys, C3 Events, The Long Center, La Zona Rosa, Stubbs, Liberty Lunch, Austin Reggae Fest, Flamingo Cantina, Martial Way Academy, UT Performing Arts Center, Abra Moore, Brave Combo, Ani DeFranco, Paramount Theater, Grupo Fantasma, Yoga Yoga, etc....


Plain talk

Bulletin boards are a community based, somewhat anarchic form of advertising. There are no absolute guarantees. I operate Karmically, I try not to cover or remove others flyers. Therefore, there will always be glitches. You must do that old fashioned "trust thang" and understand that all posters will be posted as promised, but not necessarily at the particular locations you want. You can email me concerning "glitches" and other concerns.

NEW! - The Minuteman Press One Stop Drop Option

No $15 pickup fee, Quicker turnaround, Save time and gas

Step One: Confirm a quote with Fritz by phone (512-554-4034) or E-mail ( and inform Fritz that it is heading to Minuteman Press at 1221 W. 6th Street 78703... Minuteman press is about 5 blocks west of Lamar at 6th Street under Bella salon on the south side of 6th Street 512-391-1844

Step Two. Either go to the Minuteman Press store M-F 9am-6pm with file or original


Upload file online to

All orders for delivery to Motorblade should have MOTORBLADE in the subject of email/file transfer, or mention it a couple times to the counter person at MinutemanPress, to assure proper processing

Step Three: FIRST Pay Minuteman Press in full for printing.


either *leave payment for Motorblade at the Minuteman location in the Motorblade payment box as a billing request,check , money order or cash in an envelope

or *mail check to 1300 Ridgehaven Drive, Austin Texas 78723 and inform Fritz by email

or *request an invoice by email

or *make credit card payments through paypal to and inform Fritz by email

or *drop off payment at Motorblade Drop Box at Ridgehaven Drive location and inform Fritz by email

1300 Ridgehaven Drive (click here for map for dropoffs)